Mind – Body – Strength

Mind - Body - Strength

Avanti Senior Living develops much more than technologically-advanced, beautifully-designed senior living communities. We Develop Mind - Body - Strength.  Virtually all of our innovation and diligence ultimately results in an unmatched level of care and wellness for seniors.

We are committed to more than just maintaining the health and wellness of our residents. At Avanti, we want to consistently improve their minds, bodies and strength. We work closely with residents, developing personalized programs that help each resident achieve his optimal functionality on all levels.

Our approach to healthcare combines advanced technology with professional competence and experience. Every detail of our program is overseen by our highly-qualified team members. We have full-time nurses on staff and the unique feature of an on-site, private exam room; allowing residents to visit a doctor—either their own doctor or an Avanti-recommended doctor—without leaving the community.

In terms of technology, Avanti has rebooted the standard for care at a distance, utilizing innovative telehealth, electronic health care records and electronic medication administration records.