5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dementia

People all over the world living with dementia experience its debilitating effects, yet many overlook or misconstrue this serious condition. To help us gain a better understanding of what those affected by dementia are up against daily, here are five

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Top Ways Humor Can Help Those with Dementia

Using humor can be a powerful method to soothe away sorrow or anxiety, helping us have a good laugh and feel much better. Also, having the ability to use humor offers an ideal way of making often-hard conversations easier. It

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Dementia: Holiday Travel Tips

The holidays are a perfect time to be surrounded by family, but if you or a loved one has Alzheimer’s, the travel can put a damper on things. New places with novel sounds and unfamiliar faces can lead to anxiety

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Depression During the Holidays

Depression During the Holidays Although the holidays are generally happy times, they can be tough for elderly adults with chronic illnesses or disabilities. They often feel left out because they can’t do the things they used to enjoy. Also, many

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3 Reasons Reading is Important at Any Age

Kids today prefer playing games or viewing television to reading a book. While these pastimes are not inherently harmful, reading remains an essential talent that should be encouraged. Reading is one of the most critical activities at any age. It

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Top 3 Ways Animals Can Affect Your Well-being!

Animals have a great impact on our health that is frequently overlooked. Socializing with animals has been found to reduce stress and enhance mental well-being, as well as enhance immunity! It doesn’t matter what sort of pet you have; spending

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